Single and double sided attachment panels for all door systems

The Premium collection is the program with the actual European trend style for entrance doors. In combination with the single and double-sided attachment panel it is the best performance for a very high isolation, excellent stability and also a very good security for all type of door systems.

The attachment panel gives every door an individual and exclusive design. These special design are patented by Güwa Production Company. 

The surface is available in four different types:

1. Structura : A special surface treatment with a light structure comparable with pearls and the character of a Lotus Blossom. The advantages of this type of surface are the very easy cleaning and resistance against shocks. It is available in all colors and also metalized with real copper, aluminum or bronze.

2. Setana: A special surface treatment and smooth with the character of silk. This type of surface is available in all colors (not in metalized surfaces). This surface is generally in dull/matt. For surface shine/bright look at Splendora-surface. 

3. Splendora: A very luxury and special surface treatment in smooth and very shine/bright. This type is available in all colors (not in metalized surfaces).

4. Artista : A very individual created and handmade surface-treatment by artists. Every design is unique and it is most used for the collection design Daniel with the metalized surfaces with real copper, aluminum or bronze.